Santa Pod September 6th – 9th 

The Euro Finals brought down the curtain on what has been a very challenging season for the Showtime FC. In common with all drag racers the weather has been a major factor this year, so it was with great relief we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine at Santa Pod raceway, with more of the same forecast for the whole weekend.

The Showtime FFC Burns RubberWith 4 FC’s entered it was to be 2 qualifying runs on Saturday and semi-final and final on Sunday. The first run on Saturday was scheduled between the FIA car and UEM bike classes. Having less than 6 runs on the car this year, none of which were in similar weather and track conditions, this would in effect be a “set up” run.

We were called forward around 1pm and fired up. There is definitely a different sound to the motor as a result of all the changes from the “old” car. John had the left lane with Shockwave in the right. John first to 60 ft then tyre shake, a brief pedal then off it by the eighth, through the top end in 7.84sec at 102mph, leaving us in 4th place after the first round.

With a routine service done it was back down for the second qualifier at 4.30. Right lane this time for John, Shockwave, again in the other. Away first again, shake around 100 feet, John drove through it and at the eighth in 3.52 secs at 227mph before lifting, finishing in 5.73secs at 181 mph to move up to second and putting us up against Shockwave yet again but this time in Sunday’s semi final.

During the routine service some damage to the clutch pressure plate was revealed. Once fixed the car was put away “ready to run”.

The semi final was scheduled after the first round of all the FIA classes. We were on the line at 1.30, John taking the right lane. Away first and running straight, not quite as quick to the eighth as yesterday, but slightly faster 3.59 secs at 230mph, almost 240mph at 1000 feet before lifting to go through the line at 5.53 secs at 209mph and into the final against Leif in the Starkotter FC. This would be a tough one as Leif had been “Mr Consistency” so far with 3 runs around 5.50 secs.

Servicing was straight forward, other than replacing a liner. We lined up with Leif just after 5pm, John in the left lane. Leif away first as John blew off the tyres at the hit, John tried to pedal the car but no joy. Leif crossed the finish line first but was adjudged to have made contact with the track boundary (scraped the headers on the wall) and so was DQ’d giving Showtime the event wins. Not the way you would like to win but as they say “a win is a win which ever way “

So the 2012 season came to an end. However we are immediately looking forward to 2013 as Trakbak Racing (owners of Santa Pod) CEO Keith Bartlett announced in the programme and during the meeting there will be a European Fuel Funny Car Championship in 2013, provisionally with 3 rounds at Santa Pod and 1 at Hockenheim with a major sponsor and TV coverage. So far 6 teams have expressed interest and more are expected before the first race.