This car previously belonged to Dennis Priddle and was bought by the Pages team, David, Clive and Gary in the latter part of the 1970s. It was the first funny car that Bob Jarrett drove. Below is the story in Bobs own words;

David was the brains behind the team and we were always good friends. It seems that wherever they were running their car I was always close by with the “van”,(The Stripteaser Altered). I had driven all kinds of altereds in the 70s and I wanted to drive a Funny car. In 83 I got that chance and drove the Panic car & shared the driving with Gary. Raced against a guy called John Spuffard too. I suppose the highlight of my driving career with that car was winning the 85 finals at Santa Pod. It was not easy when you consider that there was Tom Hoover in his Corvette, Harlan Thompson, Rune driving the Motown Shaker Pontiac, Spuff with his Challenger, Panic MonzaBill Sherratt in the Cannonball, Tony Boden with The Hitman Omni, Jeff Bosworth in the Mad Max car & Alan Bates in Nobby Hills Houndog. All the cars were in the 6 sec zone. I had qualified no 3. David had that car running real good even though we did not have any trick stuff in the motor. I had beaten Harlan in the final round and since then we became friends too. In 86 David was tragically killed in a car accident. I had relied on him to be on the “outside” of the car keeping an eye on things. I decided to quit driving at that time and Gary took over completely.

Bob Jarrett

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